Photos for high school seniors are different than every other photo session. As such, some custom packages are offered in addition to the usual separate purchases available. The packages are conveniently detailed in the below table. All packages include submission of your senior photo to your school's yearbook -- the submitted photo will receive especial treatment in post-processing to ensure a top-notch, second-to-none look and feel to your final yearbook product.

Purchasing a package includes all shooting time needed.

Any prints as part of a package are printed on higher quality papers, inks, and colors than are prints purchased separately, in addition to being priced more inexpensively as a package versus "a la carte." 

That said, a package can be purchased, and all photos will be available for products to be ordered separately as individual prints.


For more detailed information, questions, or booking your photos, please use the "Contact" page to get in touch.

All high school senior sessions are priced at $200 for either an outdoor session or a studio session. Any session includes $50 in free prints and products from your private gallery. If both outdoor and studio sessions are desired and purchased at the same time, the cost is $380; and, of course, $100 will be included for free prints and products.


Detailed below is information regarding types of prints and products in packages. If you would like more information on additional packages, or would like to request your own package, please use the "Contact" page to discuss any custom options. 

Custom Senior Packages Bronze - $50 Silver - $145 Gold - $235 Diamond - $330*
Digital submission of retouched
photo to your yearbook (included).
Private online gallery for viewing images.
Mini Wallets  ✔ - 2x Set of 8 Wallets ✔ - 4x Set of 8 Wallets ✔ - 6x Set of 8 Wallets ✔ - 6x Set of 8 Wallets
Wallets ✔ - 2x Set of 4 Wallets ✔ - 4x Set of 4 Wallets ✔ - 8x Set of 4 Wallets ✔ - 12x Set of 4 Wallets
4 x 6 Small Print ✔ - 4x 4x6 Print ✔ - 6x 4x6 Print ✔ - 6x 4x6 Print ✔ - 10x 4x6 Print

6 x 9 Small Print

× - Silver+ Only ✔ - 4x 6x9 Print ✔ - 6x 6x9 Print ✔ - 10x 6x9 Print

8 x 12 Standard Print

× - Gold+ Only × - Gold+ Only ✔ - 2x 8x12 Print ✔ - 4x 8x12 Print

12 x 18 Large Print

× - Diamond Only × - Diamond Only × - Diamond Only ✔ - 1x 12x18 Print

*Please note, the prints offered in the DIAMOND package are printed on a paper of even still higher quality than the other packages can offer. The paper the DIAMOND package boasts is archival-guaranteed, and will last longer standing up to tough love!


For your convenience, if priced separately...

Purchased as a package versus individual prints, the Bronze option offers a $10 discount!

Purchased as a package versus individual prints, the Silver option offers a $15 discount!

Purchased as a package versus individual prints, the Gold option offers over a $30 discount!

Purchased as a package versus individual prints, the Diamond option offers over a $60 discount! - That's 20%!