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Andrew Moline is an American professional photographer based in Greeley, Colorado. Specializing in portrait photography, he enjoys traveling and showcasing the culture of different countries and people around the world. Andrew is currently pursuing further education at the University of Northern Colorado, while continuing to refine his photography business. Though just entering college, his already impressive credentials include officially photographing the world’s largest Fourth of July rodeo, having photos honored in Colorado art shows, and publishing Central Europe, a book presenting a collection of travel photos.

Andrew also enjoys publishing on his blog at http://www.a2mphotography.com/blog . Here, he writes articles on photography, photography technique, and answers questions and provides tips. Andrew believes in allowing others to access the ability to further their own photography; as such, he encourages asking questions, learning, and is always more than willing and happy to reply to any e-mails.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I am truly excited and personally glad for every visit to my photographs and website. Please e-mail or write with any questions!

"You are doing so well. Never stop learning. Never stop practicing." - In Memory of Jenny Williamson Merry, 1956 - 2013. Teacher, Mentor, Friend, Veteran Photographer.

Also in loving memory of Patricia Ann Boxum, 1944-2013. Teacher, Friend, Veteran Art Educator.