Pricing Information & Times -- Headshots for Actors & Business Professionals

Times can fluctuate heavily. Please contact me with your requested time and I will do my very best to accommodate you. Sunday appointments can be made in advance on special request.


This is a page dedicated to general information regarding prices as well as frequently asked questions for business and actor headshots


Q: What sort of fees/prices do I expect to pay?

A: Headshots for actors/actresses and business professionals are a flat fee of $200 for individuals. Included will be a copy of the final, fully retouched photo in black & white and color. (Black and White files are provided for use in black and white online or in print where the output will be black and white, as the file will look better when optimized beforehand.) Also included are two copies of the final image in any combination of the following formats: 5x7, wallets (sheet of four), mini wallets (sheet of eight)


For greater numbers of professionals, corporate group rates for multiple employees (real estate firm, doctors offices, etc.), or on-location traveling, please use the Contact form for requesting more information. 


All headshots will be available to view in a private, password-protected gallery, where you or your corporation can order professional prints and products.



Q: How long do I have to order photos?

A: Photos will remain on the website unless there is a specific need to take them down. In all instances, the gallery client will be warned well in advance before photos are removed. However, mostly galleries remain online indefinitely.




If you see something you want but can't find, or have further questions, please contact me for information special bulk-pricing.