Pricing Information -- Families & Small Groups

This is a page dedicated to general information regarding prices as well as frequently asked questions for families and small group sessions


Times can fluctuate heavily. Please contact me with your requested time and I will do my very best to accommodate you. Friday and Saturday appointments fill up quickly -- please book well in advance if you are looking for a Saturday time. I do not normally book appointments on Sundays; however, please let me know if special circumstances exist and I can accommodate Sunday appointments if given notice. 



Q: What sort of fees/prices do I expect to pay?

A: Families and small group sessions are $200 for a group up to four. For groups/families up to eight, please add $50 per person. For groups greater than eight, please contact me for a specialized quote. 


In the session fee includes the following:


- A private, password-protected viewing gallery for all final photos. The gallery can be used to order products, share with friends and family for viewing, and serves as a worry-free storage location for your photos.


- $50 of product credit. This credit can be applied toward any products available to order through your gallery. Some products include prints (even large format), posters, collectible and memory souvenirs (t shirts, mugs, keychains, custom USBs, etc.) Of course, any products may be ordered beyond the $50 credit; however, all sessions include $50 worth of your choice of products at no charge to you. 


Q: Is there a minimum order requirement?

A: No. I am confident enough in what I provide that I do not need to badger customers with a certain monetary amount they have to provide. 


Q: What can I expect to spend on photos?

A: You should "expect" to spend whatever you feel you need for the best products for your needs! Packages can range from $70 - $300, but most final print orders are about $100 - $150 for a variety of print sizes. I am happy to discuss/organize any more customized packages if you require something more specialized.


Q: How long do I have to order photos?

A: Photos will remain on the website unless there is a specific need to take them down. In all instances, the gallery client will be warned well in advance before photos are removed. 


Q: Do you provide packages?

A: Yes. Packages are available for purchase. Packages are especially popular with senior pictures, as they offer a great variety of print sizes and the tiered levels allow you to choose what fits your budget best. 


If you see something you want but can't find, or have further questions, please contact me for information regarding a package or special bulk-pricing.