Ah, the wonderful left brain. If you're reading this, you're probably here because you, well, don't want to be here. You're a logical person. But I know you'll read this, because you love to read. And I know you'll read all of it. 


Left brained folks tend not to like pictures -- at all. I'm talking to you, husbands and older brothers everywhere. But it's okay, because I understand you and I'm here to help you. Really. I know the first thought that's going through your head walking into the studio: "How long is this going to take?" I get you, and it's really fine. I'm left-brained myself, but the funny thing is that, even though photography is a seemingly right brained activity, there's lots of left-brain to it too. 

But it's my hope that I can show you what that's all about, why you're doing something awesome by walking into the studio with your family, with your child, or whomever. I'm going to bring you on a tour of what really goes on -- what happens to your photos, and why you're getting the highest quality possible. I bet that's what you want to know anyway, isn't it? Yeah, you're that person who goes in to the car dealership and spouts off every technical term known to man, throwing in some false phrases here and there, just to see if the snazzy man in the suit really knows what he's talking about.  :-)

So you'll walk in to the studio, and we'll start right away. If you're a family coming in, left-brain is probably just thankful to be alive, because right-brain has been smoothing over your child's hair for the 142nd time that morning. As if that weren't enough, the other child is probably pointing out how dumb someone's sweater looks, borderline on tears because they enjoy family pictures just as much as anyone else, which usually isn't a lot. 

Your day isn't off to the best start, and I feel you. I hope that I will be able to make that atmosphere change into something that you may actually look forward to. Maybe none of this applies, and you're already that group that LOVES to come in for photos. If you are, I envy you; my family was certainly never that way! 

But I know what you're wondering -- what REALLY goes in to your photos? A lot. As in, many ten's of meticulous hours total. I take every photo with the attitude that it is for me. Would I feel comfortable looking at that photo again in 30 years? (I promise, the paper I use will archive even longer!) Or is it going to be something that everyone is ashamed to actually show Grandma? Well, I certainly wouldn't want my own grandma to be disappointed, so yours weren't either. All humor aside, it is a personal credo of mine to ensure that every photo is set, taken, and processed to the highest quality available, so no one will leave disappointed. 

I hope that I, and my studio, will impress even the most left-brained folks. I can assure you that ALL of the equipment used by me is of the highest quality, top-notch designed and made, tweaked to my customers' needs. You may have seen or heard other photographers say that "The equipment doesn't matter!" -- well, there's some truth to that. A true professional photographer can do a lot more, with a lot less, than a non-professional can. But to say that the equipment doesn't "matter" is simply false. True professionals need reliable equipment, rated to the highest specifications, that they can be confident in. Everything I use is to that high standard. I choose to use Nikon professional cameras and lenses, top-quality studio strobes, and my Mac computer that is just as great on-the-go as in the studio. 

And finally, there's nothing that left-brains love more than an open, sincere, and honest dialogue with who they're contracting with -- it's only logical. So that said, there's a "Contact" page up on the top of the website's menu bar. Use that, and I'd love to get in contact with you further and discuss any questions, comments, or concerns you have. 


Andrew Moline.