Worried about your photos? Don't be! The below information contains some assistance in maximizing your investment. This is a lot of information, so don't feel like you need to read it all! Ready, Set? OK, here we go! 


At the end of the day, your clothing does not matter, and your photos will look phenomenal. This is a resource provided for those who ask.
Your clothes are the most subtle part of your photo, but they can certainly make it that much more fantastic when they are done properly! 
Solid color clothes without a pattern make for the best photos. Dark colors are best, especially because they make anyone look more flattering. Colors such as bright pink, yellow, or green can draw away from the focus of the picture and take away other colors, which can sometimes make subjects appear too pasty or pale. Clothes with no patterns are best, but simple patterns are better than anything complex. Any clothing with words is a quick way to ruin a portrait. Words immediately take attention over a subject's face and never photograph well (this doesn't apply to letter jackets, which are, of course, one of the pinnacles of a senior picture!).
For males, if wearing a tie, a jacket is a must! However, neat and open-collared clothing can look far more casual and also very nice. For seniors, letter jackets are a fantastic prop and a way to show off your accomplishments. Any other special items such as trophies, a memorable basketball or football, or other related objects can also really enhance your picture -- it's what makes you, you!
If possible, a hair trim a few days before your pictures can look very nice, but if not, that's OK. Don't worry about any breakouts, cuts, or braces. All can be easily removed upon request in any final images. There are some tricks that can be done in the studio as well as post-processed to help with glasses and the glare; however, removing them for your picture is still best if possible! 
The ultimate tip! For a natural looking smile, every single time, just follow this one golden rule: Don't clench your jaw! Slightly parted teeth create a natural and genuine smile and a relaxed facial expression



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Portions of the below tips have been taken from Photographer Heather Gibb. She shares her tips and tricks for a foolproof and stress-free dressing for family portraits.


As an overall rule, remember to treat everyone's clothing as if it were all one outfit.

1. Pick an Inspiration Piece

· Start with a single piece of clothing that you want in the photos (a scarf, a skirt, dress, pair of shoes, etc.) as your inspiration piece.

     - It can sometimes be easier to select a male clothing item as the "inspiration," as it can be much more difficult to match to females.

· Select the rest of the clothing/accessories to compliment that piece.

· Mix it up with colors, patterns and textures that allow each individual to be unique, yet complement one another.

· With this as your goal, layout the inspiration piece and then go to each person's closet and see what you can find. I always say, lay it out on a bed and see if anything jumps out at you and looks off.

· Don't feel that you need to buy anything! If there are any questions, you are always free to contact the photographer. But don't feel like you need to spend anything in addition just for your photos... You may be surprised to find out how good what you already have can look! 

2. Think Color · Color can add a nice pop to photos and can bring the focus to the family vs. the background.

· Ask yourself where it will hang in your house? If the goal of the session is for a huge portrait over the mantel, then consider the colors of the room.

· Consider the setting you'll do photos in. (Most always solid black or white[if studio] or all the colors of the season if not!) -- But keep in mind that we are in Colorado -- there's no telling what we'll get! 

· Find inspiration from lots of sources. Look at home décor magazines, floral bouquets, etc. Choose a color pattern that speaks to you

3. Layer, Texture and Accessories

· Layering adds more color and texture to the photo.

· Try to find clothes that have some sort of texture to them (this could be ruffles, knit, corduroy, cuffs, stitching, embellishments etc.

· Layers and accessories gives you the option of shedding or adding pieces to create a new look.

4. Remember the Little Things

· Pick clothes you feel good in.

· Make sure you can move and hug and play with your family.

· Make sure nails are clean and trimmed (don't forget the kids!), your clothes are ironed, your kids' temporary tattoos are removed…you get the idea!

· Don't forget about the shoes either, they can add to an outfit or draw unwanted attention to the bottom of the photo. Your feet WILL show!

· Make sure pants are long enough.

· Try to stay away from white shoes.